A downloadable Good luck to you.. for Windows, macOS, and Linux

МОМО it's very old, bad and probably "scary" creepypasta. But I'm still don't forget about her. I'm made a very short horror game about MOMO.. enjoy to the game (sorry for my english, if you saw mistakes here. I'm russian) good luck..!


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This is stolen from https://gamejolt.com/games/momo/354672


This game was mine, but it was deleted (because in those days momo was banned, and all games with it were banned) and someone uploaded it to game jolt 🗿


This is false. The guy who uploaded the game to gamejolt had also uploaded a game called "The Werewolf Hills" which had the same coding and gameplay style as this game momo. And he had multiple games like momo uploaded on gamejolt and itch.io including steam. momo has a spanish language and this guy "SirFatCat" who made momo is from Mexico and all his games have a spanish language which is strange because you say you are russian so why has a spanish language and not a russian language?. It is confirmed from many sources that this guy "SirFatCat" created momo if you do enough searching and you just stole it and reuploaded it to itch.io. I know you are going to delete this comment to hide the proof but that proves my point even more that this is a steal. Just admit that this game is stolen. Try develop your own games. It will get you a lot further than just copying.


I used assets from assets store :/

You didn't use assets from the assets store, the developer of this game did.


This game actually is quite scary lol

Thanks for playing..!

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I get that piggy backing off of a creepy pasta is an easy way to get people to play your game but this game has no substance.The sound is incredibly jarring and the game play is recycled and overall just a poorly executed game.

Turning on the flashlight makes the loudest clicking, it actually doesnt sound like a click but more like a loud snap.Every step sounds like you are trying to smash through the floor boards. If the sound levels were balance then maybe...Just maybe...

The main objective is, I think, to wait for the cops to come which I was assuming is the reason behind the timer in the top left corner but for the life of me I cant figure out what speed the timer is counting. It doesn't really matter since your clock stops at 40:60 and the cops wont show up after that point unless you turn on the lights I guess.

Everyone has seen this game play before. Bad guy in house, dont get caught. Two big issues. You can just walk out of the house but have to go back to the house to turn on the lights and wait for the cops. I guess. And you text the monster first. You send Hey and wait 2 minutes for a reply. I was so confused at this choice.


The mechanics were a little wonky but overall this game was creepy and really enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing..! UWU


At one point I got 2 MOMOS! 

This was my first MoMo game. It was pretty fun, a little glitchy but the sound fx were good and I got scared a bunch. I didn't want to go back into the house to wait for the police, but it worked out and we won! Good job bringing MoMo back!

Thanks for playing UwU


Momo is immediately creepy, regardless of the setting. Despite the simple premise, the game did give me a few jump scares, largely because of my own fault. You can check my play through below, its the 2nd game in the video starting 3:34

Thanks for playing..!

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hey im having trouble opening the game... it doesnt open when I click run.. Is there anything I can do? Plus I play on windows..

Which version?

I have windows 7.. i open the extracted file and it doesnt open :(

I'm so sorry, but this game for Windows 10..

excuse me, I need some help, it says its available for mac, but the download is just for windows

its happening to me too

Hello..! Yes, I'm gonna fix this..

fix it? you didn't even create this game.

it's MOMO official trailer..


Played this with some buddies for a Random Horror Games video, I almost completed it and then MOMO spawned on top of me. Is that supposed to happen? 


Thanks for playing..! And yes, is that supposed to happen


Okay, Thank you for making the game, I was confused!


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Hi, thanks for playing..!


This game's pretty relentless but it's the best Momo game I've played so far. 

So.. Thanks for playing

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Super Cool Game.

Wow, you did it :o


I don't know but how many guys beat this game till date?? Any Idea??

You are first..


Nice to hear that...If you don't mind you can share this video. :))

share... where..?


Well this kept me busy for a while, 11 attempts and didnt even get to explore the whole house haha tough but i quite like this 1 it has a certain charm to it, hope you enjoy my gameplay:


Thanks for playing!


omg i didnt exactly know what to expect , but it scared to crap out of me i screamed lol i havent beat it yet but its very fun and funny . (funny because i feel silly getting so scared lol)

you're welcome


Amazing game dev :D it's really hard but i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for playing..!

Welcome to the hell..!


game link?

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sorry, wait please..

Update: it's done.